Portrait painted by Jana Schirmer

Portrait painted by Jana Schirmer


Christina Kraus is an freelance Illustrator from Germany who enjoys fantasy illustration (and concept art), but is able to work in various other fields aswell. After she got her Bachelor of Arts degree at Hochschule Trier in August 2016 she started, among others, to work for Ulisses Spiele Gmbh (biggest european p&p RPG publisher and distributor)  and paints for DSA  ( The dark eye) and DSK ( Die schwarze Katze). She also painted various book covers for self publishers and helped realise crowdfunding projects. Currently she is also working for Humblewood.

Christina is able to switch between both traditional and digital medium and has a background in the educational field what makes her a good team player. She is also highly flexible and loves to take on new challenges. 

Besides drawing and painting Christina likes to spend her time with her friends and family, loves TV-Series like Game of Thrones and Stranger Things, books, nature and animals. Her favourite videogame is Dragon Age: Inquisition.

If you want to get in contact please mail to christina@christinakraus-art.com

List of clients and other references:
- Ulisses Spiele (DSA and DSK)
- Hit Point Press (Humblewood)
- Poison Potion Press
- Dice Raiders (Clash of Fate)
- Museum of natural history Frankfurt (Senckenberg)
- Various self publishing, private clients and crowdfunding projects

-Imagine FX issue 163: ExPose, "Artist of the Month"